Online Casinos and Missouri Casinos Share Gambling Problems

Lately, it seems when reading news regarding online casinos and land-based casinos, more and more stories about gambling addiction and self-banning from casinos can be found. Many gaming experts feel that there has been a steady rise in gambling addiction among both online casinos players and land-based casino fans because of the introduction of the Internet gaming industry to the world. With easy access to roulette, baccarat, poker, and blackjack online, among thousands of other casino favorites, it is not difficult to see why many players would become gambling addicts, even from the privacy of their own home.


In Missouri there have been a number of self-banning cases recently, causing the overall number of banned members to increase by 15 percent over the past year. In one of the sections of the Gaming Commission’s annual report, 8,900 people have signed up for the commission’s ‘voluntary exclusion’ program. This means, these same people will never again be allowed in a casino in Missouri. With online casinos, the same is beginning to happen. More and more online casinos players with gambling addictions have been applying to commissions as well.


Land-based and online casinos also take an active roll in helping the members who have barred casinos from their lives. These gambling establishments are not allowed to market themselves in any way, or offer any type of perk to any person on the list. In addition, if a player on the list enters land-based or online casinos, he/she will arrested immediately.