Online Casinos ‘Amazing Race’ Betting Halts

For all of you online casino sports betting fans out there – wagering on the famous CBS reality TV show ‘The Amazing Race’ has been brought to a screeching halt yet again. This is the second time in six months that online casinos gamblers have been asked to hold their bets. Sportsbook, the online casino taking these bets, suspects that the winners of the show have been leaked.


‘There’s always a risk with these shows that information will leak and certain people will try to take advantage of it,’ said Alex Czajkowski, Marketing Director, Sportsbook. On March 9th of this year, the online casino noticed almost identical betting trends on ‘The Amazing Race’ contestants Joyce and Uchenna, causing them to stop taking bets from online casinos players. When the two eventually won, Sportsbook’s suspicions had been confirmed. Although reality TV is a huge sector of business for Sportsbook, it is a difficult field to protect from insider information and leaks. Online casinos players should be aware of these incidents.


Sportsbook promises to honor the bets made on this year’s TV series, and is taking bets from online casinos patrons for other reality shows. Reality television outcomes are definitely exciting betting options, but online casinos players should be aware that they might not always follow through, due to a few online casinos gamblers taking advantage of insider information.