New Payment System for Online Casinos

There is a new payment management application on the market available for online casinos from Free Star Technology called IPG, or Internet Payment Gateway. Metropolitan Poker will be the first client to implement this software into their online casino. Free Star’s subsidiary, Rahaxi Processing, located in Helsinki, landed this pioneering contract. This new software is comprised of a state of the art payment management application which controls all aspects of payment and virtual banking which is sure to eventually revolutionize the payment processes for online casinos.


Michael Rosenberg, CEO of Metropolitan Poker Inc., explained that the company has made great efforts in creating ‘state of the art’ poker software for online casinos and found that Rahaxi was the most appropriate choice for a partnership to carry out its high demands of security and reliability. FreeStar Technology CEO Paul Egan explained that the partnership demonstrates the company’s end-to-end solution capability which is derived from its inclusion of software development, payment authorization and utilization of the Internet Payment Gateway. This technology, in turn, allows for online casinos customers to access the system and pay for their transactions from any location on the globe.


Egan continues to be optimistic. He projects more online casinos merchants will be enthusiastic about this new technology and will sign up with Free Star. They will be able to keep information current on all payment transactions with the excellent reporting abilities and the cutting edge reliable IPG for all online casinos participants.