New IGC Survey Helps Online Casinos

Consumer confidence is one of the most important parts of the e-commerce world today. This particular issue also carries great weight with online casinos, which are central players in e-commerce. Recently, an online casino funded a new project, along with the IGC (Interactive Gaming Council), to sponsor a survey on consumer confidence which is intended to help online casinos learn how they’re patrons feel about online gambling.


The survey is interactive, which will allow for questions to be custom-made to each response. Dr. Rohan Miller, a Business professor at the University of Sydney, is responsible for the methodology of the survey. He hopes to be able to ask a minimum of 200 e-commerce customers about everything from online clothes shopping to online casinos, including how important it is for online casinos and merchants to hold proper licensing for operation on the Internet.


Major questions in the survey also include the customers’ need for unbiased third-party binding arbitration, as well as numerous other questions that can help the e-commerce community, and namely online casinos, learn more about the consumer confidence of their customers.